Founder & Editor

Yussif Mohammed Alhassan

With over a decade of hands-on experience in the cleaning industry, I founded CleanupGeek.com to share my extensive expertise in cleaning techniques and stain removal methods.

Passionate about fostering clean and healthy spaces, I meticulously research and curate reliable tips and advice, ensuring that every recommendation is backed by industry knowledge and verified sources.

At CleanupGeek.com, readers can trust in my dedication to providing comprehensive, trustworthy guidance for maintaining pristine homes and surroundings.

Developer & Cleaning Enthusiast

Jamaldeen Mohammed Alhassan

Jamaldeen has a passion for reading, especially on topics related to cleaning and technology. He finds joy in exploring innovative methods to maintain cleanliness efficiently and cost-effectively. His interest in discovering new ways to keep his surroundings clean is fueled by a desire for practicality and resourcefulness.

Always seeking efficient solutions, Jamaldeen delights in sharing various tips and tricks with others to promote a clean environment and healthy lifestyle. With his enthusiasm for technology, he eagerly explores how technological advancements can be harnessed to simplify cleaning processes.

His expertise allows him to offer valuable advice on maintaining cleanliness in both personal and communal spaces, making him a helpful resource for those seeking practical tips on cleaning effectively.

Author: Jamaldeen

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Cleanup Geek is a company dedicated to helping everyone keep themselves and their surroundings clean at all times. Established in 2019, Cleanup Geek is here to provide comprehensive cleaning and stain removal services.

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