10 Ways to Keep the Windowless Bathroom Fresh?




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If you have to go to the bathroom, but your office is windowless, it can be hard to stay fresh. There are many solutions to this problem, though! Here are some tips on how to keep the windowless bathroom fresh.

Factors to consider when maintaining a windowless bathroom

  • Choose the right windowless bathroom cleaner. Stagnant, humid air is an ideal place for bacteria and mold to flourish. Cleaners with disinfectants help reduce these growing microbes in your bathroom. A product that can be used on most types of surfaces, has a pleasant odor, and doesn’t contain bleach is preferred.
  • Keep the floor and walls dry and free from water or moisture, as this will contribute to the grout and tiles becoming moldy and dirty faster than usual.  It would also be best to install a water-resistant, waterproof flooring material on the bathroom floor instead of tiles.  These types of flooring are easier to clean and do not absorb as much moisture.
  • The lack of a window means that there is little chance for ventilation within the bathroom.  This makes it important to use an exhaust fan, which will help to remove condensation built up on the walls and mirrors.  This also helps to reduce the humidity within the room.
  • The bathroom is a prime breeding ground for mildew and bacteria because of the dampness that comes from bathing or showering. It is recommended that a squeegee is left by the shower or bathtub after each use to help remove excess water from the walls and floor. This will prevent moisture from building up on surfaces, which can lead to mold growth.
  • Since there is no natural light in a windowless bathroom, it would be best to install an artificial form of lighting, particularly a compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED bulb. This will help make the room brighter and more inviting, and it takes less electricity to power these types of lights than standard bulbs.
  • Temperature control (heating and cooling) is another factor that should be considered when maintaining a windowless bathroom. The temperature should be set at 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and above 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. If there is no automatic climate control, it will be necessary to keep a thermometer and adjust the temperature as desired.

How To Prevent Stains From Windowless Bathroom

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Windowless bathrooms are often small, dark, and depressing. But you can keep your uninviting bathroom clean with the following tips to prevent stains from developing on your floor, walls, or fixtures.

1. Fix Leaks

Leaks around the toilet or sink allow dirty water to spread out across the floor of the windowless bathroom, which contributes to stains.

2. Utilize Baskets

Place dirty clothes, towels, or other items in a basket instead of leaving them on the floor or shower/tub where they can get wet and stained. Baskets are also useful for holding toiletries, which you should place out of your bathtub’s reach while bathing to prevent them from getting wet and stained.

3. Don’t Shower in The Dark

To avoid bathtub stains, be sure to properly illuminate the shower or tub with light while showering.

4. Use A Small Fan

A small bathroom fan helps dry up water on the floor after taking a shower or bathtub, which can otherwise cause stains. It’s also useful to use a small fan when using the restroom, as splashing dirty water out of the toilet bowl can stain surrounding areas.

5. Use Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are useful for preventing both mildew and stains on walls or fixtures located near your shower or tub. For example, shower curtains protect against stains on walls near bathtubs that are splashed with dirty water.

6. Clean the Floor

Wiping up spills will help prevent your windowless bathroom floor from getting stained. If you’re using a drain for your shower or tub, be sure to clean any hair out of it regularly to avoid it getting clogged and causing dirty water to spread out onto the floor.

7. Keep Towels Handy

Don’t leave damp towels on your shower or tub, as they can get stained due to dripping running water. Instead, hang them up after you dry off and keep a fresh hand towel near the sink that you can use before leaving the bathroom.

8. Put Trash Cans Near the Toilet

Trash cans near the toilet are useful for preventing stains on surrounding areas. Additionally, adding a hand-held bidet to your windowless bathroom can help you clean up after using the toilet without having to leave dirty water that can lead to stains on surrounding walls or floors.

9. Use Protective Floor Mats

Be sure to place a rubber or plastic mat on the floor near the shower or tub, as heavy water from showers and baths can seep out and cause stains. Additionally, these mats protect against mildew and rusting of metal fixtures located nearby (such as your toilet or sink).

10. Add Wall Shelving

Wall shelving is useful for storing items that tend to get wet or dirty, such as soap and shampoo bottles. It’s also a good idea to buy a corner shower caddy with suction cups that you can attach to your walls for holding even more bath products or where you can hang wet towels. You should also place a towel rack on the outside of your windowless bathroom door so that you can hang towels to dry after baths or showers.

11. The best way I found was by using an air freshener in a spray bottle.

This worked well because I could control where and when I sprayed it without having any excess liquid that would get all over my clothes or desk. It also didn’t leave anything behind like candles might if you wanted something less permanent too.

You can find these at any store for cheap, so they won’t break your budget either! One of my favorite smells is pineapple, since it always reminds me of Hawaii. It’s such a fun and fruity scent!

12. If you want something more permanent but less expensive, try getting a scented candle.

One of my favorite candles also smells like pineapple and is perfect for this windowless situation because it makes the whole room smell like tropical fruits, which helps me feel refreshed and relaxed every time I go into that room. The candles are also great for creating a romantic mood (with your significant other), which can be nice too.

How To Prevent Bad Smells or Odor From Windowless Bathroom

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It’s important to be able to prevent bad smells or odors from a windowless bathroom. This ensures that you can maintain a clean and sanitary area for your family, guests, and employees. Here are 10 tips we compiled on how to avoid bad smells or odors in windowless bathrooms:

1) Cleanliness is Key

To have a clean and odor-free bathroom, it is important to maintain a cleaning regimen appropriate for the room. An added benefit of cleaning your windowless bathroom with a specific regimen in mind is that you can use different chemicals or cleaners depending on the smell present in the room.

For instance, if your windowless bathroom smells musty, you can try to use a cleaner with an anti-bacterial or anti-mold solution. If the room smells like urine, you can clean the area with ammonium-based cleaners.

2) Inspect for Signs of Mildew  

When water is left in standing puddles after it’s been cleaned up, mildew often forms in these moist areas. When you notice these black dots or other signs of mildew, it’s important to clean the area with a bleach-based solution.

3) Ventilation is Key  

When cleaning your windowless bathroom, make sure that air can circulate throughout the room. Without proper ventilation, odors are more likely to be trapped in this space.

4) Replace the Air Filter

Regularly inspect and replace your windowless bathroom’s air filter to ensure it is clean. If this filter isn’t cleaned, it can become a place for odors to accumulate.

5) Toilet Seats Must Be Ventilated

When you notice that there are problems with the toilet seat in a windowless bathroom, it’s important to check for cracks or other openings around the seat. If you find these, use silicone caulk to create a seal. This will prevent odors from escaping through any gaps.

6) Focus on Preventing Leaks

Each time you notice that there is a leak in your windowless bathroom, it is important to find this leak and fix it. Water not only creates the environment for mildew to grow, but it can also create an unpleasant odor in your bathroom.

7) Address Stains

When you notice that there are stains on the tile or other surfaces in your windowless bathroom, use an effective cleaner to remove them. Oftentimes, a simple cleaning will not be enough to eliminate these stains.

8) Ventilation Issues

If you notice that there are ventilation issues in your windowless bathroom, it’s important to find the cause of this problem and correct it. Using an oscillating fan or other method is useful when trying to resolve any odors in this space.

9) Clean the Grout Lines

Make sure to clean the grout lines between your bathroom’s tiles. When these are dirty, it is more likely for mildew or other bacteria to develop in or around these spaces.

10) Do Not Use Water-Damaged Items

If you notice that any of the items in your windowless bathroom were damaged by water, it is important to throw them away. These items cannot be cleaned and will likely start to smell if they are left in the room.

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