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If you have been busy at work and find less time and energy to carry out cleaning exercises, this article will be useful to you.

In this article, I am going to share with you the various techniques I use to cut down on my cleaning workload. I hope it helps you to achieve similar results as I do.

Why Should You Maintain Cleanliness?

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Cleanliness is one of the most talked-about topics in our lives. There are reasons for that. This section seeks to introduce you to the major reasons for the need for cleanliness. I have summarized or categorized them into three major ones as shown below:

Personal Well-being

We have all been yearning to live long and enjoy it. This goal is directly related to how much personal hygiene or purity we can maintain. That is, how much effort do you invest in keeping your body clean? Do you live free from dirt and stains?

The majority of the sicknesses we suffer in our lives can be linked to our negligence of personal hygiene. Aside from that, it is also nice to consider the comfort, confidence, and convenience of maintaining good personal hygiene.

Imagine wearing a shirt that has not been cleaned for many days. You will feel discomfort when you smell your sweat on it. You may also have confidence in the mixture of people. These are some of the compelling reasons for you to maintain good personal hygiene.

It Makes Your Living Space Refreshing

Imagine your mood when you return from work and your home greets you with a refreshing breeze of wind and smells. Contrast that to how you will feel when you get home and your home welcomes you with a bad odor and dirty cooking wares all over the place.

Psychologically, I think you will be happy in the first instance, while you will be sad and down morally in the second. Furthermore, a filthy environment or home becomes the breeding ground for numerous diseases and germs.

This impacts our lives and health negatively because we’re prone to sickness. This is why we should maintain cleanliness in our living spaces, or homes.

It Makes You a Better Person Spiritually

“Cleanliness is next to godliness.” This is one of the statements stressing the need for cleanliness in every aspect of our lives. Both Islam and Christianity suggest that maintaining cleanliness gets a person closer to his or her maker.

Maintaining spiritual purity makes you a better person with a clear conscience to see humans prosper. With that, you will always encourage good deeds and discourage evil in our lives. This is one of the noteworthy reasons why cleanliness is necessary for our lives.

What Are the Ways to Cut Your Cleaning Workload?

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Despite the benefits of keeping ourselves and our environment clean, discussed in the previous section, we sometimes struggle to do that because of our busy schedules. Below are some of the ways to help you manage and reduce your cleaning workload:

Go for easy-care washable furnishings and floors

Try to get items that are easy to maintain for your home. During the acquisition of furnishings, check their maintenance manual and be sure you can clean them easily and quickly.

If they don’t have any maintenance manual, ask the manufacturer, and if they can’t give you some information regarding that, don’t buy. Most people forget to do that. However, it can be the beginning of trouble. So take this step seriously when purchasing items for your home.

Avoid dust traps by choosing furniture without grooves and cupboards or glass display units over open shelving.

Different surfaces and materials trap dust and dirt at different rates. Make sure to avoid those items, tools, and surfaces that attract and trap dust and dirt. Also, try to get closed shelves where you can keep cupboards, glasses, and cooking wares.

That prevents them from getting in contact with dirt. In that case, you will only have to clean those that you have used. Hence, the workload will be reduced, and you will be highly motivated to do the cleaning around the house.

Take good care of your things

Just like talking about cleaning a dirty appliance, cooking ware, and the environment, we must be talking about how to protect them from getting dirty. One way to do that is to take good care of them. Thus, how do you use them? For example, if you use your cooker for a long time without cleaning it, the stains on it will accumulate.

This means that it will take you a substantial amount of time to clean it up on the day you are ready to do so. This applies to other dirt in our surroundings as well.

Get others involved in the cleaning

If you have been struggling to conquer your cleaning workload, get others to help you. That is, the entire family can organize to help declutter the home.

We have a schedule for general cleaning in our home, which occurs on the first weekend of every month. In that, everyone around you takes part. That reduces the pressure of cleaning on only one person.

If you have kids too, you can engage them. My daughter always moves around collecting or gathering all her Legos while I do the cleaning. She is always happy doing that. So always seek the help of others.

Pay for help

Another way of getting relief from the workload of cleaning is to pay others to do it for you. I know some colleagues who have housekeepers. These people are paid every month, and they maintain the house, including cleaning.

This option is often considered by those who are extremely busy and can afford it. The housekeepers can be professional housekeeping services providers or just plain people employed for that.

Avoid situations that create a mess

I always try as much as possible to prevent or reduce activities that litter and dirty the house. This is especially important when the activity is not necessary. For example, my friends and I had planned to meet during the summer.

The venue was supposed to be at my house. All three of my friends have children, and they were all coming. I suspected that the house would become a mess after their visit. So, I quickly arranged for us to meet up at a park in my neighborhood.

We had a picnic, and the children had enough time to play together with all the facilities at their disposal. That decision saved me a lot of time and work, while making everyone happy. My friends are still talking about the time we spent there.

Choose cleaning products that you don’t need to rinse

Cleaning products that don’t need rinsing can save you some time and energy during cleaning. So, make sure to always use them. However, you will have to spend a lot of time cleaning items and tools if you are using products that require you to rinse surfaces after cleaning them.

That is, you have to first clean the surfaces thoroughly and then follow them up by rinsing them. That increases the time and energy spent on the process. That is why it is recommended to use products that don’t need rinsing during the cleaning process.

Buy the best quality cleaning materials and equipment

One helpful thing during the process of cleaning is your cleaning materials and equipment. Inferior quality materials and equipment can make your work difficult. Especially if they are not performing up to your expectations.

Also, they can worsen the situation of your appliances and tools. That is, they can harm your cooking wares, equipment, and surfaces in the house.

On the other hand, high-quality materials and equipment can help you clean efficiently. Therefore, I recommend you purchase cleaning materials and equipment that are of high quality.

Clean when you feel refreshed and energetic

I have realized that one of the best ways to clean effectively and efficiently is to make sure you are refreshed and have the necessary energy to see it through. This is very important because without the energy and the zeal to do cleaning, one will do it slowly and even sometimes abandon it halfway.

Therefore, you must prepare your mind and body to see through the cleaning process to the end. Don’t start it if you are not mentally and physically ready to do it.

Throw away unnecessary clutter and store possessions in drawers or closed containers

One of the best ways to save you some time and reduce your cleaning workload is to dispose of unnecessary items that are still in your home.

Most of those items may be a nuisance to you or dirty your home. Aside from that, you will be able to save some time and energy that could have otherwise been used to clean those unnecessary items.

Therefore, you must check to find and dispose of items that are no longer useful to you from time to time. That will save you lots of time and energy.

Final Thoughts

In the discussion above, I shared some of the ways I cut down on my cleaning workload at home. The issues raised are extremely helpful to me. I hope it will be of great use to you too. Try and implement them and observe the results or differences. Thanks for reading!

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