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Do you have mustard stains on your favorite pair of shoes? If so, I’ve got the perfect solution for you. (And if not, this could be a great opportunity to make sure it never happens).

I know how frustrating and embarrassing it can be when food gets all over our clothes and/or belongings. But we don’t always know what to do about it other than just wait until the stain is gone or try scrubbing it with water or soap.

However, there are actually some pretty cool ways to remove mustard stains from fabric that are worth checking out! This blog post will cover five of them in detail so you can choose which one works best for your situation. You might even find a new way to remove mustard stains that you have never thought of before.

All you need are some basic household items and a little time, and the stain will be gone in no time! Let’s get started.

Factors to Consider when Removing Mustard Stains from Shoes

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When cleaning mustard stains from your shoes, there are different characteristics that must be taken into account in order to effectively remove the stain. Factors such as age and quantity of the stain, fabric type, color of shoes (and/or socks), and pretreatment are necessary to consider.

How long is the stain and the quantity of the stain?

Older stains will be much more difficult to remove; these stains may have already been set into the fabric. The older a stain is, the longer it takes to remove it. It is more difficult to get out a large quantity of mustard that has been allowed to sit on the fabric for an extended period of time.

Fabric Type

It is important to pretreat any type of fabric with a stain before laundering, but this factor becomes even more critical when removing stains from fabrics such as wool and silk, because these fabrics need extra attention and care when it comes to washing and cleaning.


Before applying any type of pretreatment, you must first check the care label to ensure that it is machine washable. If the label states that you cannot launder in water or use a bleach alternative, you will want to make sure that the stain does not set into the fabric.

You can pretreat these fabrics by spraying or brushing on a pre-wash product before laundering, but do not apply it to your skin because some stains may contain toxins that are harmful when absorbed through the skin.

Another option for pretreatment is to soak the stained fabric in a solution of cool water and liquid dishwashing detergent, which will break the bond between the stain and the fabric.

The color of shoes (and/or socks)

The color of your shoes (or socks) is another important factor. For example, faux suede tends to absorb stains more than most other shoe materials, so it is important to consider the color of the shoe when you choose a cleaning product. If the shoes are cream-colored, do not use a brass cleaner or chlorine bleach to remove mustard stains because it can cause permanent staining that cannot be reversed.

In order to determine which stain remover is best for removing a particular type of stain, you should use a pretest before committing to the cleaning method, as well as consider the age and quantity of the stain, fabric type, and color of shoes (or socks). Each factor will play an important role in your decision-making process.

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How to Remove Mustard Stains from White Canvas Shoes?

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Many people love the taste and flavor of mustard, which is why it makes for a tasty addition to sandwiches. However, after eating something like French fries or chips dipped in mustard, often times the strong color of this condiment can make white canvas shoes look dirty very quickly.

If you do not take steps toward removing mustard stains immediately, your shoes may end up with a yellow, splotchy discoloration that is impossible to get rid of. However, there are several methods that you can use to effectively remove mustard stains from white canvas shoes.

Using Bleach

The process involved in using bleach to remove mustard stains is simple. First, you should fill a bucket or large bowl with hot water and mix it with chlorine bleach until the liquid reaches an 8–8.25 pH level (the optimal level).

Submerge your shoes into the solution for several minutes, then take them out and scrub any remaining stain away with a stiff brush. After this, you should thoroughly rinse the shoes in cold water and let them air dry.

Using Oxalic Acid

Oxalic acid is a type of chemical compound that can be used to remove stains and forms a colorless solution in water. To begin the process, put on some rubber gloves and mix together three cuts of hot water and one teaspoon of oxalic acid powder until it forms a paste.

Apply this paste to the stained areas of the shoes and scrub with a stiff brush. You should then proceed to wash off the treated areas thoroughly in cold water, before rinsing again with warm water and letting them air dry.

Using WD-40

WD-40 is a common lubricant that can be used to loosen stains on canvas shoes. Simply spray the stained area with WD-40 and scrub gently with a toothbrush. Allow your shoes to air dry before you rinse the treated areas with cold water and let them dry again.

In conclusion, there are several different ways that you can use to effectively remove mustard stains from white canvas shoes. The method you decide to use should be determined by your own skill level and the time you have to take care of the problem. The three methods listed here will help you remove mustard stains in a safe and efficient manner.

How To Remove Mustard Stains from Colored Canvas Shoes?

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Anyone who owns a pair of colored canvas shoes is probably familiar with the inevitable stains that come from them. While they are only cosmetic in nature, most people would prefer to have their canvas shoes look as clean and new as possible.

In order to avoid having your clothes stained with mustard, you will need to thoroughly clean your shoes before storing them away. There are several different methods that you can use to get rid of the stains on your shoes, which will be explained in this article.

Using dish soap

The first method involves using dish soap and water. Start by filling a bucket with warm water and adding some dish soap to it until suds start forming on the surface of the water.

Dip a cloth into the soapy water and wipe down the entire shoe, followed by rinsing off with clean, warm water. If there are still stains on the shoes, you can repeat this step until all of the stains are removed.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide and dish soap

Another method that can be used to remove mustard stains from colored canvas shoes is to use hydrogen peroxide mixed with dish soap, which will act as a cleaning agent.

Most hydrogen peroxide is diluted for you, but check the label to make sure that it has 3% or more hydrogen peroxide so that it will work effectively. Mix 5 cups of water with 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap.

Dip a cloth into the cleaning liquid and wipe off the stains on the shoes. You can then rinse off the shoes with clean water and repeat as necessary until all of the stains have been removed.

Using baking soda

One final method that can be used to remove mustard stains from colored canvas shoes is the use of baking soda, which acts as a mild abrasive. In a small bowl, mix 3 cups of water with 1 cup of baking soda.

Dip a cloth into the liquid and apply it to the stains on the shoes. The baking soda will act as an abrasive on top of the water, which should be able to get rid of any remaining stains. After wiping off the stains on the shoes, rinse them with clean, warm water.

Once you have gotten rid of the stains on the shoes, you will need to clean them using a canvas-specific cleaner. Pour some water into a bucket and add some canvas cleaner. Take the shoes off and dip them into the soapy water, followed by rinsing with warm water.

This should leave your shoes looking brand new again, although it is not a good idea to wear the shoes without letting them dry completely beforehand.

How to Remove Mustard Stains from Leather Shoes?

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There are various ways of removing mustard stains from leather shoes. Some of the procedures include:


First, grease and grime must be removed with a pre-treatment solution to make this method work. A pre-treatment such as WD-40 can be sprayed on the surface and left for some time to break down the adhesion of mustard stains, which will make them easier to remove later.


To dissolve the stain, use a solvent such as Goo Gone or lighter fluid that has minimal oil content on the surface of leather shoes. Apply any of the solvents to cotton balls and gently wipe them off with a soft cloth. If there is a need to use a solvent on the entire leather surface, make sure it has been tested first on a small area.


The best way to remove mustard stains from leather shoes is by using water-based detergents that can penetrate into the material and lift out dirt without sucking all the moisture from the leather. Use a soft-bristled brush or a soft cloth to apply the solution to the stains without over-wetting the shoes.


One of the most effective ways to remove mustard stains from leather shoes is by applying heat. But only high-temperature steamers should be used with care because they can damage the surface of the shoes. A hand-held clothes steamer can also be used for this purpose by holding it over the stains from a distance of about 6 inches.


In the case of tough mustard stains, apply an enzymatic cleaner to the leather surface and scrub in circular motions with a soft brush. Wait for 15 minutes after applying the solution before rinsing off with warm water.

Ozone (Trioxygen)

This is one of the latest methods for removing mustard stains from leather shoes. An ozone generator can be used to create ozone gas by passing an electrical current through oxygen to produce ozone. The gas penetrates into the material and bleaches out any stain without damaging the surface.


For tough stains, place a wet towel on the stained area and leave it overnight to break down the stain before taking any other action. In case of color stains, use a 50% solution of vinegar or WD 40 to remove them.

Hand Tools

Erasers such as Magic Rub can be used to get rid of tough stains on leather shoes. Then, wipe the surface with a damp cloth and apply talcum powder before using shoe polish to bring back color to the surfaces.

Machine Tools

If heat treatment is needed, use a commercial steamer by placing it over the stained area and allowing the heat to penetrate into the material. After removing stains, use a sponge and leather lotion on the surface to add moisture and leave it overnight before using a brush to apply shoe polish to the shoe.

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Final Thoughts

Removing mustard stains from leather shoes can be tricky, but with the right materials and technique, it doesn’t have to be. If you want to tackle tough or colored stains, use a pre-treatment solution such as WD 40 or Goo Gone before applying solvents to the surface of your shoes for removal purposes.

There is no single method that will work in all cases, so make sure you test out different solutions until one works effectively for your needs. Good Luck!

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