Choosing the Best Robotic Vacuum for Automated Cleaning




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Ready to make cleaning hassle-free? Investing in a robotic vacuum can transform your daily chores, bringing automated convenience to your home.

You’ll be astounded at the range of high-performance robot vacuums out there on the market, each equipped with unique features like intelligent navigation and pet hair pick-up ability that ensure thorough cleaning every time.

Let’s dive into our comprehensive guide on how to choose the best robotic vacuum—because who doesn’t want a sparkling clean home without lifting a finger?


  • Consider your budget, navigation capabilities, and ability to handle pet hair and carpets when choosing a robot vacuum.
  • The iRobot Roomba j7, Roborock Q Revo, Shark AI Ultra XL, Roborock S8, Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, and Shark Ion are some of the best robot vacuums available in 2023.
  • Choose the Roborock Q5+ for the best overall performance and the Eufy RoboVac 11S or ILIFE V3s Pro for a budget-friendly option.
  • The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is recommended for dealing with pet hair, while the Shark AI Ultra XL is great for multitasking as it can vacuum and mop.


What to Consider When Choosing a Robot Vacuum


When choosing a robot vacuum, consider your budget, the navigation and obstacle detection capabilities of the vacuum, as well as its ability to handle pet hair and carpets.


Money plays a big part in picking the right robot vacuum. Some vacuums are costly, but they do more work. For less money, you can get a vacuum that cleans well but might not have smart features.

The Roborock Q5++ is worth $700 and does great work. If you don’t want to pay too much, there are cheaper options like the Shark AI Ultra 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop. This one both sweeps and mops your floors.

Navigation and obstacle detection

Robot vacuums use intelligent navigation systems to navigate and detect obstacles in your home. They are equipped with sensors that help them avoid furniture, walls, and other objects as they move around.

These sensors allow the robot vacuum to create a map of your home and navigate efficiently without getting stuck or falling down stairs. Some robot vacuums also have advanced features like virtual barriers or boundary strips that you can set up to keep the vacuum out of certain areas.

This ensures that it cleans only where you want it to clean. So when choosing a robot vacuum, look for one with reliable navigation and obstacle detection capabilities to ensure that it can effectively clean your entire home without any issues.

Pet hair and carpets

When it comes to cleaning up pet hair on carpets, you need a robot vacuum that is specifically designed for the task. Look for a robot vacuum with strong suction power that can effectively pick up pet hair from both short and long-pile carpets.

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is recommended as the best robot vacuum for tackling pet hair on carpets. It has advanced carpet recognition technology and powerful suction to remove even stubborn pet hair.

Additionally, the Shark AI Ultra XL is also mentioned as a great option for dealing with pet hair on carpets due to its excellent pickup performance and self-cleaning brush roll.


Best Robot Vacuums

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In 2023, there are several top-notch robot vacuums to choose from. The iRobot Roomba j7 offers exceptional cleaning power and intelligent navigation, while the Roborock Q Revo is perfect for pet owners with its strong suction and ability to handle pet hair.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, the Shark AI Ultra XL delivers great performance at an affordable price. For those in need of a multitasking robot vacuum that can both vacuum and mop, the Roborock S8 is a fantastic choice.

Lastly, if you have a tight budget but still want reliable cleaning, the Shark Ion is worth considering.

1. iRobot Roomba j7

The iRobot Roomba j7 is one of the best robot vacuums available in 2023. It’s a high-performance and intelligent cleaning device that can effectively clean your floors. The Roomba j7 has advanced navigation skills, allowing it to move around your home without getting stuck on obstacles.

It also has strong suction power, making it great for picking up pet hair and debris. With its app-controlled cleaning and extra features like automatic dirt disposal, the Roomba j7 offers an efficient and convenient cleaning experience.

So if you’re looking for a smart vacuum cleaner that can keep your home tidy, the iRobot Roomba j7 is definitely worth considering.

2. Roborock Q Revo

The Roborock Q Revo is one of the best robot vacuums available in 2023. It offers efficient cleaning power and intelligent navigation, making it a great choice for automated cleaning.

Whether you have hardwood floors or carpets, this robotic vacuum can effectively pick up dirt and dust. It also comes with app-controlled cleaning and extra features like spot cleaning and touch-ups.

The Roborock Q Revo is a high-performance robot vacuum that combines advanced robotic cleaning technology with easy repairability, ensuring that it lasts for a long time. Overall, if you’re looking for an optimal robotic cleaner that can keep your home clean without much effort on your part, the Roborock Q Revo is definitely worth considering.

3. Shark AI Ultra XL

The Shark AI Ultra XL is a top choice for an all-in-one robot vacuum and mop. It has intelligent navigation, making it efficient at cleaning different floor types. This high-performance robot vacuum also comes with extra features like app-controlled cleaning and touch-up capabilities.

The Shark AI Ultra XL is designed to pick up pet hair and works well on carpets too. With its advanced cleaning technology, this robotic cleaner offers optimal performance for automated cleaning tasks in your home.

4. Roborock S8

The Roborock S8 is a top-notch robot vacuum that brings advanced cleaning technology to your home. With its intelligent navigation system, it can efficiently move around obstacles and clean every corner of your floor.

It’s especially great for pet owners, as its strong suction power easily picks up pet hair and dander. The Roborock S8 also offers a vac-mop combo feature, allowing you to sweep and mop in one go for a thoroughly clean floor.

What sets the Roborock S8 apart is its ability to store multiple maps, making it ideal for homes with different floors or areas that need regular cleaning. Overall, the Roborock S8 is a high-performance robotic cleaner that will keep your home spotless without any hassle.

5. Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is a top-rated robot vacuum that offers excellent cleaning performance and advanced features. It has intelligent navigation capabilities, allowing it to efficiently clean your home without getting stuck or missing any spots.

The S7 MaxV Ultra also has strong suction power, making it effective at picking up dirt, dust, and pet hair from both carpets and hard floors. With its app-controlled cleaning options and vacmop combo functionality, you can easily customize the cleaning process to suit your needs.

Overall, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is a reliable choice for automated cleaning in your home.

6. Shark Ion

The Shark Ion is another great option to consider when choosing a robotic vacuum for automated cleaning. This smart vacuum cleaner offers powerful suction and intelligent navigation, allowing it to effectively clean your floors without much effort from you.

It is designed to handle pet hair and carpets with ease, making it a practical choice for households with furry friends. The Shark Ion also has extra features like app-controlled cleaning and touch-up spot cleaning, giving you more control over your cleaning routine.

With its advanced technology and high-performance capabilities, the Shark Ion is definitely worth considering if you want an efficient and convenient way to keep your home clean.


Best Robot Vacuum for Different Needs

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Discover the top robotic vacuums for every need – from overall performance to budget-friendly options, pet hair cleaning, multitasking capabilities, and more. Read on to find your perfect match!

Best overall

The Roborock Q5+ is the best overall robot vacuum, according to our testing. Priced at $700, it offers excellent cleaning power and intelligent navigation. It can efficiently pick up dirt, dust, and pet hair on a daily basis, making it a reliable choice for automated cleaning.

With its advanced features and high-performance technology, the Roborock Q5+ is the optimal robotic cleaner for keeping your floors clean and tidy.

Best budget

Looking for a robot vacuum that won’t break the bank? We’ve got you covered. In our list of the best budget robot vacuums, there are options that deliver great cleaning power without costing a fortune.

One option to consider is the Eufy RoboVac 11S, which offers strong suction and quiet operation at an affordable price. Another great choice is the ILIFE V3s Pro, known for its excellent performance on hard floors and low-pile carpets.

So if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to keep your floors clean, these budget-friendly robot vacuums are worth checking out!

Best mid-range

In the mid-range category, one of the best robot vacuums is the Roborock S7. It offers impressive cleaning performance at a competitive price. This robot vacuum is known for its intelligent navigation, which allows it to move around your home without getting stuck on furniture or tripping over cords.

The Roborock S7 also has strong suction power to pick up dirt, dust, and pet hair effectively. It’s a reliable choice for keeping your floors clean on a daily basis.

Best for pet hair

When it comes to dealing with pet hair, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is the top choice. It has powerful suction and a specialized brush design that effectively captures and removes pet hair from various surfaces.

Whether you have carpets or hardwood floors, this robot vacuum can handle it all. With its intelligent navigation system, it can easily maneuver around obstacles in your home and ensure that no area is left untouched.

So if you’re tired of constantly cleaning up after your furry friends, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is the perfect robotic vacuum for keeping your home free of pet hair.

Best for multitasking (vacuuming and mopping)

Looking for a robot vacuum that can handle both vacuuming and mopping? Look no further. One of the best options for multitasking is the Shark AI Ultra XL. This smart robot not only vacuums your floors but also has a built-in mop function to give your floors an extra-clean finish.

It’s perfect for tackling different types of messes in one go, making it a convenient choice for busy households. So if you want a robotic vacuum that can handle all your cleaning needs, the Shark AI Ultra XL is definitely worth considering.

Best for a tight budget

If you’re on a tight budget, there are still great options for robot vacuums that won’t break the bank. One option is the Eufy RoboVac 11S, which offers good cleaning power at an affordable price.

Another budget-friendly choice is the ILIFE V3s Pro, known for its pet hair-cleaning abilities. These robot vacuums may not have all the fancy features of more expensive models, but they provide effective cleaning without draining your wallet.


How We Test Robot Vacuums


When testing robot vacuums, we evaluate their pickup power, navigation skills, and performance alongside other products in the market.

Pickup power

The pickup power of a robot vacuum is crucial for effective cleaning. It determines how well the vacuum can collect dirt, dust, and pet hair from your floors. The editors have tested nine robot vacuums and found that the Roomba i4 EVO is particularly sturdy and reliable in picking up dirt, making it ideal for cleaning rugs.

The Roborock S8+ was also praised as the best overall option according to their testing. So when choosing a robotic vacuum, make sure to consider its pickup power to ensure efficient cleaning results.

Navigation skills

Robot vacuums with advanced navigation skills are crucial for efficient and effective cleaning. These devices use built-in sensors to detect obstacles, avoid collisions, and map out the layout of your home.

They can navigate around furniture, go under low-hanging objects like sofas, and clean hard-to-reach areas such as corners or edges. Some high-end robot vacuums even have advanced mapping features that allow them to create multiple floor plans for different levels of your house.

This means you can effortlessly move them from one floor to another without having to re-map each time. So whether you have a small apartment or a multi-story house, choosing a robot vacuum with excellent navigation skills will ensure thorough and hassle-free cleaning throughout your home.

Other products tested

We also tested several other robot vacuums to provide you with a comprehensive list of options. These include models from brands like Eufy and iRobot. Our goal was to ensure that we covered a wide range of products, so you can make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

With our testing, we aimed to find the best robot vacuum for every budget and cleaning requirement. Whether you’re looking for something affordable, pet hair-friendly, or capable of multitasking with mopping capabilities, we’ve got you covered.

So keep reading to discover which robot vacuum suits your unique cleaning needs!


Conclusion and final thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best robotic vacuum for automated cleaning, there are plenty of options available. Whether you have a tight budget or specific cleaning needs like pet hair or carpets, there is a robot vacuum out there for you.

By considering factors like navigation skills and extra features, you can find the perfect robotic cleaner to make your home spotless with minimal effort. So go ahead and say goodbye to manual vacuuming – let technology do the work for you!

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a robotic vacuum for automated cleaning?

A robotic vacuum for automated cleaning is a smart home device that takes care of floor cleaning on its own.

2. How can I choose the best function for my robotic vacuum cleaner?

You choose by looking at what you need, like hardwood floor cleaning or touch-ups. Mid-range robots might give you enough, but high-performance robot vacuums will do more.

3. What are some intelligent cleaning devices on the market?

There are self-cleaning robots and autonomous floor cleaners that offer advanced automated tools for efficient home cleaning.

4. How does the automatic vacuum cleaner work in my home?

Automatic vacuum cleaners use high-tech solutions to make optimal robotic systems. They go around your house doing efficient floor cleanings all by themselves!

5. What’s special about app-controlled robot vacuums?

App-controlled robot vacuums let users control them from their phones which makes it easier to manage and monitor the smart automated cleaning technology.

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